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Get inTouch


Financial information on a futuristic billboard
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the Economic

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Networks of

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the Future

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the new form team
Our existing
financial system
is archaic...

The Innovators

Meet the teams building the next generation of capitalism.

Wall Street Capitalism

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Running on Blockchain Rails

markets need
next-gen founders

We back exceptional teams engineering the next generation of financial markets.

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Financial Primitives


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Immutable Data


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Blockchain Rails


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Our Unique Approach

We invest in teams building at the intersection of blockchain technology, financial markets, and data at the earliest stages.


Investing at the intersection of fintech and block-chain since 2019.

The digital finance shift is creating billions in economic value via reduced inefficiencies and the creation of new markets. Our firm is solely focused on this evolution.


First checks written in pre-seed/seed rounds


Allocation to blockchain-focused companies & protocols


Venture Investments

100 M+

Assets Under Management


Founded in 2019

Bridging the Old

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stock ticker visible on a futuristic billboard

With the New